Nation Secures 90 Mln USD from Power Export to Neighboring Countries


Addis Ababa August 6/2021 (ENA) Ethiopia has secured 90 million USD from energy export to neighboring nations over the concluded 2013 Ethiopian funds yr.

Ethiopian Electrical Energy (EEP) Communication Director, Mogos Mekonnen informed ENA the nation has gained 90, 532, 669 USD from exported energy to neighboring nations exceeding its goal of 80,787,600 USD.

The income was gained from energy exported to Sudan and Djibouti, Mogos said, and added that the very best energy bought earlier was 70 million USD.

EEP gained over 13.2 billion birr from home energy gross sales throughout the said funds yr, it was realized.

In line with the director, EEP’s overseas and home energy gross sales efficiency registered 101.1 %.

He identified that constructing energy turbines, energy era, placing it to grid by way of minimizing wastage and placing it to make use of have been improved at nationwide degree.

Thus, EEP’s income has elevated and signifies its capability to finance its initiatives, Mogos said.

Varied African nations, together with Sudan have expressed curiosity to buy electrical energy from Ethiopia.

Professionals from each nations are discussing Sudan’s curiosity to buy 1,000 MW.

Equally, South Sudan, Kenya and Djibouti have expressed curiosity to buy electrical energy and negotiations have been underway.  


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