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News Alert: Amhara state instructs regional forces to move from “self-defense to offensive positions”


Addis Abeba, July 14/2021 – Gizachew Muluneh, Director Basic of the Amhara Regional State Communication Affairs Bureau head, said today that regional fores are instructed to shift from self-defense place to offensive to fend off assault from Tigrayn forces.

In a press release, Gizachew stated the Amhara area has determined to maneuver from self-defense to offensive positions within the following fronts: Wag, Aber Gele and Tsegabti, Raya Entrance, Korem, Alamata and Bala, in addition to Wolkait, Mai Tsebri and Tsegede fronts.

“As a result of the large-scale invasion towards the area is a matter of survival, the regional state will not tolerate any evil conspiracy from damaging forces,” the regional state mass media quoted Gizachew as saying.

He additional stated that the conflict waged by Tigrayan forces on three completely different fronts towards the Amhara area is an “open conflict” wherein youngsters, the aged, members of clergy and ladies are being harassed and killed in violation of worldwide legal guidelines. He added that the Amhara state has been making an attempt to forestall and management invading forces to date, however that the area’s particular forces and safety forces have been ordered to maneuver on from now onward. AS


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